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Q.: How long does it take to make a page? from Billy Jay
A.: It generally takes 3 to 4 hours to make a page, but as you first pencil, then ink, and eventually put the screentones, and moreover make several pages at once, it actually takes one day to a week (depending on the mood you're in!).

Q.: Where can I buy Tangle? from Julie
A.: You can buy the first issue of Tangle:
- either during french conventions (dates are usually posted months before on the onigiri news page).
- either by mail order, following instructions on the shopping section of the onigiri website.

Q.: What does the Tangle book look like? from Nayato
A.: It's a book, black & white printed, with a color jacket. Its size is 14 x 19 cm, for 70 pages. (50 comics pages, and 20 illustrations pages). It was released 04/27/01 for the Cartoonist Convention in Toulon (France). It costs $4,50, without shipping fees.

Q.: Will the english version of Tangle will be available at last? from Natalia
A.: Yeah! Definately! The english version will be available starting 09/15/01. For our friends from America and more, you can order it from now on! Just use the form in the shopping section of the Onigiri Website.

Q.: There used to be a flash movie on the main page of this website... Where did it leave? from Katya
A.: For our first guests, the flash movie is still online just here!

Q.: How can I be warned when a new update occurs? from Josh
A.: You just have to wander to the Onigiri site (once again), and find the members section. Then fill in the form and send it to me, i'll add you to the Onigiri List.

Q.: Can I add a link to your site on mine? Is there a banner I can use? from Lilo
A.: Of course, you can link our site, and if you want me to link yours, just drop me a line, and send me your banner. All links are now on the Onigiri links page. You can use the banner below.

link to: http://www.tangle.fr.st

If you're wondering something that is not answered above, mail me, and i'll add it here!

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