tangle characters



She is the main character in our story.
She certainly is one of the sweetest girls you could find on earth, if you manage to keep up with her volcanic temper...
Aside from this little problem, she is the kind of person you can count on.
As she lost her grandfather when she was only 6, she had to deal through life on her own. To her, life is an everyday fight.

It's Nae's favourite pet... In spite of his unknown origin, it's a reliable fellow. His favourite hobby is eating anything he can find... And that's what he is doing most of the time...
His biggest flaw is that it's afraid of anything he doesn't know, which means almost everything!
However, its love for Nae helps it get over its fears, even though it doesn't always care to show it.

Nae meets him during her dangerous stay in Catterzhia, capital city.
He's a poor orphen boy who has to live in shabby places, because he can't afford anything else.
Anyway, he doesn't ever feel sad or bad, and is always ready for a joke.
He would like to help Nae his best, but because of his young age, he can't do that much...
Cheer up, Kelim!!!


Under the appearance of a kind small girl, this kid is true plague. She fastly gets fond of not only Nyko, but also Kelim, what will strongly disappoint Nae. Furthermore, her explosive temper provokes terrible reactions of her own, what is made worse because of her deep knowledge of fight and magic.

Also known as "Imperial Highness", she created the Eleah project, which turns the forest into a machine. Only her knows why she is acting this way, but it seems like she's ready to sacrifice anything to reach her goal.

Secunda is Prima's younger sister. She is sick, as a strange disease took her whole body. Nothing is known about her, except that her body is kept in a coffin box which allows to slow down her disease.

The troglotides
Commandant V.

The troglotides are among three, but no one knows whether other ones exist. They are called Trüümbl, Trüühbl and Trüüwbl, and each of them has a specific power. Stunned by Nyko's huge appetite, they will make their leader of it.

Commandanr V. obey blindly to the Imperatrix' orders, without even asking the slightest question. However he is so involved in the Eleah project, that one can wonder, if he's that selfless disintersted.